SINGAPORE Day 6. Last day.

Actually this was taken on one of my walks during the week. It is of the cannon ball tree. I thought it was just extraordinary.
This is where we watched the light show at night. There is a bar at the top of one of these structures. Something left to do on the next visit.

That washing again. I wonder how often pieces go astray.

I wanted to show Don some of the interesting places I had found during the week but since he has beenn going there twice a year for the past 13 years it turned out he had sort of seen these places in passing. Anyway here is myTaurean under the head of a bull.
Don had not been into the Park View Building before. The bar here is quite famous. The bartender has to use a pully and hoist himself up to the top shelves to find the drinks!
We passed an art shop in the foyer every day. I thought this welded pece was pretty good.

We had been looking forward to the inaugural Singapore jazz festival on Saturday afternoon. We met up with Andy and her husband for drinks and once we had been stamped were able to leave for a while for a great pizza dinner. James Morrissey was the star attraction for us. He is from Sydney's Northern Beaches but somehow we had never seen him perform. Quite the showman!

James Morrissey live and on screen!


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