Thought I'd see the Art and Science Museum today. The high rise around the harbour is very impressive.

Sculpture outside the museum.

The Art and Science Museum. Gave the dinosaur exhibition a miss.

Check out this sculpture in the photo I take at night!

Went to the Asian Civilisations Museum which had some interesting stuff.

Simhavakatra, from Tibet. She wears a human skin representing her triumphs over human limitations.

The museum is housed in the building that used to be used for the british administration offices in the colonial days.

I thought I would visit Chinatown in the afternoon but I wandered in the opposite direction up North Bridge Road. I came to the Park View Building. It is in Gothic Syle and I was amazed by it. This is the ceiling above the lifts.

The building. There is another one about to be built alongside so I don't suppose I'll see it like this if I go to Singapore again.

Very Goth!

Sheesha restaurant.



Turkish. I bought one of these belts for my dancing daughter.

A lovely old facade above the restaurant.

Interesting street art.

Mosque with the Park View building in the background.


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