Couldn't get over the brilliant red of this frangipani. Unfortunately Singapore has not had rain for weeks and the tropical lushness is not so evident.

Can't help taking photos of the Marina Bay Sands hotel whenever I see it.It is extraordinary and dominates the skyline.

There are so amny tall new buildings but it is good to find a little bit of the old Singapore. This bridge and the Fullerton Hotel behind it have been here a while The hotel used to be the Post Office dealing with all the trade up and down the Singapore River.

Alexander Johnstone, a Scot used to have a trading company here. The statue shows him talking to a Chinese trader and a Malay chief.

There was a plaque in memory of Joseph Conrad. By coincidence I had just read some of his short stories before coming here. How different the modern Singapore is to the Singapore of his stories, where it was a sort of jungle outpost of civilisation.

There are lots of public sculptures and artworks. In the background is another building getting a makeover.

The Merlion, symbol of Singapore. It is somewhat dwarfed these days by its high rise surroundings.

After my morning peregrinations my glamorous friend Andy who lives here came to sit poolside with me. So good to have time for a good catch up. Without the rain Singapore is not as steamy and there is a breeze to make it pleasant.

Don and I went to the Salt tapas restaurant next to our hotel for dinner. Andy recommended it and the food was great.


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