Relax Your Eyebrows. Is this even possible? How to relax a few hairs growing above one's eye sockets?

Actually it's a wonderful way to relax your whole body. I learnt it during a yoga class. You can go through the whole routine of clenching the muscles from your toes to your scalp, and then relaxing them or you can go straight to your eyebrows to settle every part of your body that may be tense or twisted.

Try it. Make yourself comfortable. As soon as you try to relax those brows you become aware of a tight jaw, the shape you are making with your mouth, a squint around the eyes. To relax the eyebrows these must all be swept away.

To complete your relaxation at this stage you may like to observe yourself breathing….just watch that breath going peacefully in and out.

If all the above is not enough for you then I have only one thing left to tell you, “Let your ears float down onto your pillow”.