Been back for a couple of weeks now. Just love Australia. Had a drive to Armidale and Glen Innes and have to share some pictures of our beautiful countryside.

on Thunderbolt's Way


Deer in Armidale


Wonderful artwork by my friend Greville Wilton at the Maitland Art Gallery
and by his muse, Tanya Robertson Cuninghame


Near Morpeth





Along Bucketts Way



A little touched up, but that is how it looked through my slightly red tinted sunnies.


Trying out my new wide angle lens on the iphone.


Glen Innes


Standing Stones at Glen Innes



New England Highway leaving Glen Innes


New England Highway in the morning


Why leave home when you have it all?

I am planning to learn how to do wrap around text for my next post.


2 thoughts on “COUNTRY NSW

  1. That was lovely Ines – and being away for so long has clearly reinforced your love of Australia – which is why you call in home!! It is truly beautiful, and you’re lucky to live close to one of the most beauiful harbors in the world! This week is Thanksgiving and Christian, Bob and I are going over to Jen’s parents home which will be lots of fun. Hope all is well with you and Don, will try and skype you this weekend and if not, then there’s next weekend. Lots of love to you both, Fran

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