We are in Ireland and already we have gone native!

Suddenly we became very small!








Then Don caught a leprechaun and made a wish and Oh My God!

From this……..


To this!

Dublin Castle



The round tower is the oldest standing part of Dublin Castle. there used to be four of them. An interesting thing about castles in Ireland is that they weren't built by the Irish but by the English to keep the Irish out!

Before the English ruled Ireland it was ruled by Vikings and Dublin was known as Dublinia. This picture is just to show how scary it would have been to come across a real Viking!

This lovely green area next to the castle exists because the ground there was too soft to build on. It was once a big pond full of filthy black water (dubhlinn/ black pool) which gave Dublin its name.







Dublin Castle is open to the public but is still maintained and used for parliamentary functions and for visiting royalty and dignitaries. Over this door is a harp, the symbol of Ireland.











Interestingly it is also the symbol of a product of Ireland that is itself very recognisably a symbol of Ireland!

Our taxi driver today told us that there is now a Feast of Arthur day in Ireland to celebrate Arthur Guinness!

Getting back to the harp you can see that the Irish harp is a reverse image of the Guiness harp. It seems that Guinness was powerful enough to be able to assert its right to this symbol and forced the government to change the image they were using!






Saving Face.

This embroidered screen was known as a face saver. Ladies of the court who used wax to obtain a lovely smooth complexion had to hold one of these between the fire and their face if they did not want their makeup to melt when they stood close to the fire.


Daylight Robbery! The windows on a number of old buildings in Dublin were smaller on the top storey. It gives the building an illusion of greater height but the real reason for it was to pay less in taxes as there was a tax on glass. The servants would have lived on the top of the building so that is where the smaller windows went.


We made a trip to Galway and went to see Bunratty Castle where I found a couple of representations of The Last Supper.

Who is asleep on Christ's lap and what is with the crystal ball?


Here is another Last Supper and again there is someone on Christ's lap. This time it looks like a child or a woman?


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